Browns take wild risks with stadium ahead of preseason week

Brown groundskeepers laid fresh sod after Saturday's concert at FirstEnergy Stadium,

It won't be fully contained before Sunday's home preseason game.

Yet, somehow, the Cleveland Browns have shed infamy in their name.

And have found a creative way to bring the illusion.

It seems that someone or the other will be making every single decision for this organization,

because there is no way a collective group of professionals can continue to think

that they are doing things the right way. What were the Browns thinking?

According to Daryl Ruiter of Cleveland's 92.3 The Fan,

The Browns cannot be expected to settle before week two's preseason game.

However, the Bear Ground crew opted to keep the ground down and cover it for a change of venue.

It was also beaten by Chicago's professional football team - Fire FC - throughout the season.