Ellie Kemper and Zach Cherry have been announced as the new hosts of "The Great American Baking Show"

Roku Channel acquired The Classic Great British Baking Show from ABC.

It was slated to debut as a component of numerous scripted and unscripted projects.

Although it will be judged by Paul Hollywood and Pru Leith, the same judges that serve on British shows,

Since then, the new US hosts have made announcements to maintain the hype.

Ellie Kemper is now visible in the show's iconic tent behind Hollywood and Leith.

And Zach Cherry's initial promotional photos have been made public.

Kemper as well as her famed Unbreakable performance Jennifer Schmidt

He is well known for his enduring support role in The Office.

Five seasons of The Great American Baking Show on ABC featured a recurring cast of hosts and judges.

One of the judges from Season 3, pastry chef Johnny Izzini, has been accused of sexual harassment.