Deshaun Watson in Week 15 of the Baltimore Ravens 2022 season

And the Cleveland Browns are set to play what promises to be a tense matchup.

Following the news of Watson's updated 11-game suspension,

The Ravens will not play Watson in Week 7 at home,

But will play against the controversial quarterback in Cleveland in December.

The final verdict on Watson comes after an early verdict

which suspended Watson for just six games,

Although many around the league were expecting at least a one-year suspension.

Unfortunately, Baltimore will not face Watson at M&T Bank Stadium,

But fans of the Ravens will be surprised to see Lamar Jackson at the end of the season.

And Deshaun Watson will be sure to tune in for an intense performance.

The Ravens are set to face Deshan Watson's Browns in Week 15 of 2022

On paper, Jackson and Watson are two of the most talented black quarterbacks in the league,

Jackson wins MVP for his record-breaking 2019 campaign

And Watson threw for about 5000 yards two seasons ago.