Iran is charged by the US Justice Department with attempting to murder John Bolton.

who reportedly attempted to kill John Bolton,

who held important roles in the Bush and Trump administrations' national security.

The US airstrikes in January 2020 were "likely retaliatory," according to the Justice Department, to the scheme.

It resulted in the death of Qasim Sulemani, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps commander.

Leaders of terrorist groups promise "revenge against Americans" for Soleimani's passing

He publicly slammed then-President Donald Trump as well as important figures.

Shahram Porsafi, an IRGC member and 45-year-old Iranian citizen, was accused by the prosecution of

attempted to pay a guy in the United States $300,000 to assassinate Bolton

According to a source close to Pompeo and a federal law enforcement source familiar with the inquiry,

An Iranian assassination plot also had Mike Pompeo, the former secretary of state, as a target.