Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson 11-game suspension

and has agreed to a $5 million fine. It was part of his agreement with the NFL.

After Watson officially agreed to this suspension,

Brown's owner Jimmy Haslam addressed the media.

Haslam supported Watson. He spoke about the importance of a second chance.

"I think people in this country should get a second chance," Haslam told reporters.

However, the NFL world believes this to be a tone-deaf statement from Haslam.

Adam Rosen tweeted, "I agree! People deserve a second chance.

except they have to get second chances, they have to prove

And have to show they deserve a second chance.

Watson's suspension will begin on August 30. He can return to the team's training center

And can participate in limited activities on October 10th.

In Watson's absence, the Browns will replace Jacobi Brissette as a quarterback.