The 2023 season will begin when Worlds of Fun opens its doors

Visitors will take in the 50th-anniversary festivities and see five decades of entertainment,

but also provides fresh experiences for future years.

One of the most well-liked rides at the park was the original Zinger.

When Worlds of Fun first opened its doors in 1973, it had three beaches.

The first 50 years' histories will be presented through a season-long celebration and fresh experience.

"50 Nights of Fire" will be the signature event.

An extensive conclusion of Top 40 tunes from 1973 through 2023 will be featured in the nighttime stage production.

Vice President and General Manager Tony Carovillano states,

"The park has been rethemed so that everything our visitors see will be in keeping with the new design.

They will have a greater sense of global adventure as a result.

The 2023 Gold Pass allows visitors to take advantage of the whole season.

Including free parking, snacks, and unlimited visits to Worlds of Fun and Ocean of Fun.

includes ticket savings and product specials.

Gold Passes are currently being offered for $94.00.

For those who purchase their Gold Pass by August 14th,

They will be given fast lane passes and one day of free fall freight to utilize this year.