From Sunday, the day of the fight between Carlos Zambrano and Dario Benedetto, until Wednesday,

In the midst of a scenario that still has some tension, following the ban imposed by Boca Juniors,

The hero's reunion took place on the night of Avellaneda. 'Pippa' Benedetto and

The 'Kaiser' Zambrano appeared in the facilities of the institute's training center Casa Amarilla.

Football players arrived only a few hours ago to carry out their activities.

It is true that they have been suspended, but they must work.

Within hours of Boca-Rosario, coach Hugo Ibarra supervised practice aimed at those players.

Those who are not on the list of professional league commitments and those who are injured.

Thus, Zambrano and Benedetto, who will not attend Sunday's meeting against Defense and Justice.

The cited source reported that other elements of the professional team attended the day at the Boca campus.

Marcos Rojo, torn in the right leg, Jorman Campuzano, without any physical discomfort,

and Agustin Almendra, who may be transferred soon. Benedetto apologizes to Zambrano

It is true that there is a certain morbid aroma to the meeting of Zambrano and Benedetto, 

but the situation between the two seems to be settled.

At least, it was reported from Argentina. Striker apologizes to center-back

And he replied that a hot match like this on the weekend cannot happen again.